Sample and report on material 20x faster

Meet the increasing demand for compliant waste data — without spending millions on sampling infrastructure and manual labour.

Avoid the growing cost of sampling 

Extended producer responsibility, Scope 3 emissions reporting and country-specific frameworks like Italy's COREPLA specifications and MRF COP in the UK, mean that your facility will soon need to sample more material than ever, wherever it's located.

AI makes it possible to scale alongside those requirements. Replace manual sampling with automated analysis, and you could save millions in facility upgrades and staffing. 


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Analyse more material in a fraction of the time

Automated monitoring offers an affordable, accurate and scalable way to audit all of the material in your facility — without relying on manual labour, or spending millions on new machinery.


Audit your entire waste stream

Traditional spot samples cover <1% of your material. AI tracks and identifies close to 100% of the objects on your belts — offering complete sampling coverage, by default.


Keep up with compliance

AI analysis is often more accurate than manual coverage. Regulators have begun to accept our detailed data in place of spot samples, making automated compliance a reality.


Generate reports instantly

Our customers use Greyparrot Sync integrations to connect our data with tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Excel and more. Generating reports takes a few clicks.


Improve health and safety

Automated analysis and purpose-built sampling cabins are designed to replace manual spot sampling, significantly reducing human contact with waste.

How our partners use Greyparrot to automate sampling

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99%+ savings on sampling

One of the UK’s largest MRFs uses our AI waste analytics to continuously monitor material on a key quality control belt.Now, by using that same data to meet the UK’s Code of Practice (CoP) sampling requirements, they’re spending 99.6% less on sampling.

Analyse infeed material 20x faster

Engineers at Whitham Mills built our Analyzer Units into their Auto Sampler, which eliminates the need for manual spot sampling.

  • The sampler tips up to 1,100L of waste onto a vibrating belt that spreads material.
  • Our AI accurately identifies objects and calculates the mass of each material in the overall sample.
  • Custom and automated reports are available as soon as material is off the belt, and can be formatted for CoP submissions.


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