Your infrastructure, powered by
waste intelligence

Greyparrot Sync seamlessly connects real-time waste data to your existing (and new) machinery and software, regardless of brand.

Smart sorting infrastructure with an AI brain

Boost hardware accuracy:
  • Enhance robotic sorting arms.
  • Combine the power of AI and near-infrared sorters.
  • Automate sampling with newly-designed “sampling cabins”, and much more.
Power software with live data:
  • Unify your entire suite of software using the same accurate, live, material data.
  • Embedding real-world data makes it possible to automate reporting and monitor performance with confidence.

Who's using Greyparrot Sync

Geku greyparrot conveyor
geku-logo (1)
"By combining Geku’s 25 years of robotics and integration expertise, Greyparrot’s industry leading waste AI and ABB’s 130 year history of innovation we’ve built a sorting solution greater than the sum of its parts."
Chris copy

Chris Burton

Sales Manager at Geku Automation

SortFlow-AI-Mapper-1-1-2048x1152 (1)-1
"Greyparrot provides AI that is flexible, open, and easy to integrate with. Their ready-made API is very useful. We use Greyparrot for SortFlow AI Mapper - the first Digital Twin application for recycling plants."
Luc Mallinger

Luc Mallinger,

CEO at SortFlow

Auto Sampler
whitham mills logo
Thanks to their accurate system, track record in MRFs and collaborative philosophy, Greyparrot were the obvious choice for us to co-create the Auto Sampler with.
Ben smart copy

Ben Smart

Director at Whitham Mills

ACI dr. b sorting robot
aci logo (1)
"Our new bond with Greyparrot leads us towards innovative solutions to automate waste sorting and helps us tackle one of the world’s current global issues – the waste crisis."
harrison aci

Harrison Kim

Managing Director at ACI

Facility-wide integration

Robotic sorting

Syncing Greyparrot with sorting arms provides robots with real-time picking coordinates — helping them separate objects faster and more accurately than human sorters.

Robotic sorting - Greyparrot hardware
Greyparrot hardware conveyor belt

Automated sampling

New “sampling cabins” have the power to automate the sampling process and reduce human contact with waste:

  • Sample material is loaded into the cabin’s bin.
  • The cabin spreads waste material on an isolated conveyor belt.
  • A Greyparrot Analyzer Unit instantly and accurately reports on the composition of waste material.
  • Compliance reports are automatically generated to meet regulatory requirements.


Dynamic control

Build more reactive (and proactive) plants that auto-adjust to material flows in real time. “Smart” infrastructure reacts to composition changes as they happen, increasing recovery rates.

waste facility
Control centre


Connect your software to AI waste analytics to:

  • Generate detailed reports directly to third-party business intelligence platforms.
  • Forecast performance for existing and planned facilities using real-world data.
  • Monitor live facility activity on “digital twin” platforms.

The recovery facility of the future, on a single platform

Waste facility 3d diagram

Service and support

Our team blends machine learning expertise with waste sector experience to:

  • Help tailor Sync integrations to your chosen software.
  • Develop new integrations in collaboration with machinery and software developers.
  • Provide ongoing support, maintenance, and advice.
Greyparrot employee servicing hardware

Let’s connect

We believe in the power of combined expertise. Whether you want to create a connected facility or build AI into your sorting machinery or software, we’d love to help.