The smart way to sort, sample and report on waste

Recover more resources and maximise profits by getting a closer look at your material. 

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Maximise high-quality resource recovery

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99% more visibility into material

Manual sampling tracks less than 1% of your waste. AI waste analysis collects data on the remaining 99%, offering a precise breakdown of the materials in each stream and bale.

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Proactive facility management

Accurate data guides targeted improvements - on a single belt, in an entire facility, or across different locations. Monitor global performance on a single platform for effective remote management.

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Connected operations

Integrations link existing and new infrastructure to a live stream of AI analytics — creating a facility of “smart” hardware and software.

How it works

Learn how our tools can help you recover more value from your material. 

The recovery facility of the future, on a single platform

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Comparing costs: AI monitoring vs. manual sampling

  • Manually sampling 30 PET bales (15 tonnes), would take 375 hours and cost £4,300. Greyparrot Analyzer takes just 6 hours, and costs £17.
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Helping customers turn analytics into action

Here's a look at some of the real-world, actionable insights our customers have unlocked.

A £1.6 million value gap

For one UK PRF, Greyparrot Analyzer recorded £1.6m worth of valuable material being lost to landfill each year. This drove targeted investment to capture that value.

10% shifts in infeed blend

Another PRF found that a 10% change in infeed composition increased the amount of valuable material in their residue line by 10%. Site managers used data to adjust blends, balancing throughput with quality.

93% recyclable material

A UK-based MRF discovered that only 7% of its residue line was genuinely non-recyclable, with the remaining 93% being recoverable. This guided operational changes to capture that value.

A 25% drop in quality

In another MRF, Greyparrot helped identify QC issues where target quality dropped by up to 25%. This persisted for 8 hours, prompting the introduction of real-time alerts to prevent future quality issues.

Automated, responsive and efficient operations

Deploy our waste intelligence system at your recovery facility to: 


Use the insight from Greyparrot Analyzer’s live dashboards to:

  • Track 89+ types of waste with 98% accuracy, showing mass, count, financial value, food-grade, brand, and more.
  • Adapt sorting processes to shifting amounts of target material and contaminants.
  • Monitor multiple streams in one place, and assess the impact of process adjustments remotely to balance throughput and quality.
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Greyparrot software in facility


Historical data makes it possible to identify trends in downtime, material loss and more:

  • Monitor residue belts to diagnose the amount of target material being lost.
  • Monitor pre-baler lines to track and certify bale quality with confidence.
  • Identify and prepare for recurring material trends, from changes in infeed composition up to seasonal spikes.


Use Greyparrot’s Sync integrations to introduce automation throughout your entire facility:

  • Improve the accuracy of sorting machinery with real-time picking coordinates.
  • Power facility management software with accurate data that reflects real-world operations.
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The most flexible waste analytics system available 

Dashboard Analyzer

Greyparrot Analyzer

Our core system uses artificial intelligence to provide waste managers with real-time insight on a series of intuitive dashboards.


Greyparrot Analyzer Units

Our monitoring units track waste flows in real-time. Cameras capture live images of waste objects, which our AI analyses.


Greyparrot Sync

Our integration system turns your machinery and software into “smart” tools — connecting existing and new infrastructure to real-time waste flow data.

Unlock your plant’s revenue potential

We put the power of waste intelligence in our customers’ hands, helping them extract more value from their material. Get in touch to find out what AI waste analytics could reveal about your waste.