About us

Driven by the desire to have an impact on climate change, Greyparrot exists to tackle the global waste crisis.


About us

Greyparrot is the leading AI waste analytics platform for the circular economy, on a mission to digitise the $1.6 trillion waste management industry and tackle the growing waste crisis head-on. When it comes to how waste is managed, there has been no systematic accountability to date. Hence, stagnating recycling rates and devastating environmental impact. We’re here to change that. Founded in 2019, Greyparrot is a team of experienced entrepreneurs and AI experts with a shared vision to create a world where every piece of waste is valued as a resource.


What we do

With cutting-edge AI computer vision systems deployed globally in sorting facilities, we can monitor and sort through large waste flows at scale. In turn, we’re equipping waste managers, producers and regulators with the insights they need to bolster recycling rates and introduce accountability to the waste value chain.  Trusted by some of the world’s leading waste management firms like Suez, Veolia and Biffa, Greyparrot is committed to increasing transparency in recycling and keeping our planet clean for generations to come.


The team

Operating across the UK and Europe, we’re now a team of 30 people from 15 countries with expertise in deep learning, waste management and international expansion.


Why Greyparrot?

We wanted to have a reference to nature in our company name to represent our purpose. Greyparrot takes its name from the African bird: as one of the most intelligent birds, grey parrots can recognise and imitate human behaviours, actions and sounds – our AI technology operates in much the same way.

Awards and recognitions

We're proud of the recognition we've received from the industry.

Our achievements

As a team, we have made rapid progress to deploy our Greyparrot systems globally. We are digitising the largely offline waste management industry to accelerate the race to meet global recycling targets - join us on this exciting journey!

The Greyparrot team

We do what we do because we want to use AI-computer vision and other technologies to have a positive impact on the world.

Careers at Greyparrot

This is your opportunity to have an impact on the waste crisis.

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We are backed by leading European VCs and accelerators