About us

Driven by the desire to have an impact on climate change, Greyparrot exists to tackle the global waste crisis.


The team

Operating across the UK and Europe, we’re now a team of 19 people from 11 countries with expertise in deep learning, waste management and international expansion.

Awards and recognitions

We're proud of the recognition we've received from the industry.

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We are committed to increasing transparency in recycling to support our transition to a circular economy and keep our planet clean for generations to come. Over the last 18 months, we have successfully built the Greyparrot AI Waste Recognition System, which is currently deployed globally on moving conveyor belts in sorting facilities to automate waste composition analysis to monitor, audit, and sort large waste flows at scale. We are empowering waste managers, producers and regulators with actionable insights previously unavailable to them - and this is just the beginning.

The Greyparrot team

We do what we do because we want to use AI-computer vision and other technologies to have a positive impact on the world.

Careers at Greyparrot

This is your opportunity to have an impact on the waste crisis.

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We are backed by leading European VCs and accelerators