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We help recycling facility managers and producers recycle more and waste less.

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Intelligent analysis across the value chain

Comprehensive AI waste analytics enable automation in sorting facilities, and increase transparency at each stage of the global value chain.

How our customers unlock waste intelligence insights

  • Easy-to-install units use cameras to track materials passing on conveyor belts.
  • Our AI translates images into real-time insight on a live dashboard.
  • Greyparrot Sync connects that live data stream to your existing or new hardware and software.

Understand municipal solid waste in detail

Our AI identifies all of the waste objects found in global municipal recovery sites. With 89 waste categories and counting - our recognition library is growing all the time.

“Waste intelligence serves as the catalyst for innovation in the waste ecosystem. Greyparrot unlocks a level of insight into our waste that has never been experienced before, and it's fuelling our ability to recover and reuse more material.

Mikela Druckman

Mikela Druckman,

CEO and co-Founder of Greyparrot

Who we work with

Biffa employee using greyparrot software
“The technology gives us great visibility into our operations and directly aligns with our vision of enabling a circular economy. We’re using the systems to provide real-time analysis of the purity of our PET output material.” 
Ian McSpirit

Ian McSpirit,

Site Manager at Biffa

Greyparrot hardware scanning waste
"Greyparrot will be part of the standard hardware for recovery facilities. I cannot see an MRF that wouldn't be using it in the future."
Edward Kosior

Professor Edward Kosior,

CEO at Nextek

AI scanning waste
“Manual sampling generally covers less than 1% of the material that’s processed. With AI analytics, you’re essentially able to monitor all of the material over a material stream. There’s a stark contrast there.”
Jonathan Caeser

Jonathan Caesar,

Senior Technical Plant Manager at Suez

Waste on conveyor belt
“By arming our plant managers with that information, they can now set thresholds or alerts, or study the dashboard and say there’s maybe too much hard plastic arriving on this line. That allows them to go back and make adjustments.”
Conor McCooey

Conor McCooey,

CIO at Re-Gen

Top view of waste on conveyor belt
“Everyone in the recycling industry has done a million composition trials. With this system, it’s like we have a 24/7 sampling system. Senior leadership can then make decisions based on data.”
Miguel Rosa

Miguel Rosa,

Technical Manager (Polymers) at Viridor

A2A staff at facility
A2A Life Company
“AI-enabled machine vision detects materials that current processes cannot.
Greyparrot’s software gives us insight that is helping us maximise our material recovery and purity.”
Patrick Oungre

Patrick Oungre,

Head of Innovation at A2A

Laptop with stats
“With data gathered throughout the day, it’s possible to make informed commercial decisions. We can better understand what we’re sending to customers, and decide who our most valuable suppliers are.”
Mustafa Azimy

Mustafa Azimy,

Processing Engineer at Suez Recycling and Recovery

The power of applied waste intelligence

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99% more visibility

Counting waste by hand (sampling) is a routine procedure barely covering 1% of the waste flowing in a facility. Greyparrot Analyzer unlocks data on the remaining 99% - in real time.

20x faster reporting

Generate operational and compliance reports 20 times faster with automated monitoring, eliminating the reliance on manual sampling.