Drive better, data-backed decisions with scalable automated waste analysis

When you’re able to identify, monitor and analyse waste composition at scale, you’ll no longer have to rely on manual spot sampling to understand the true value of your material.

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Innovate your waste management facility with Greyparrot


Stop being reactive to problems, and start preventing them. Greyparrot’s composition information informs plant control systems to alter the sorting parameters of machines in real time - while alerting you of potential mechanical and maintenance issues.


Maximise the quality of your products by detecting contaminants as they appear through real-time identification and monitoring. Using data, you’ll understand exactly what your product is worth - giving you the competitive edge to win better contracts.


Manual spot samples, though very common, are time consuming and inaccurate. With Greyparrot, you reduce the reliance on guesswork by accessing automatic composition information. Realise significant cost and time savings, while providing objective evidence for commissioning and compliance reporting.


Give your customers the high quality product they expect, and have the data to back it up. Using Greyparrot AI, you’ll gain increased confidence in your product - allowing you to provide better quality at a higher price and avoid returns.

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Our solution

Grey Parrot - Image 7 overlay - Solid@2x
Grey Parrot - Image 7 overlay - Solid@2x

Monitoring unit

Portable and distinctly robust, our affordable monitoring unit instantly captures and analyses live image data of large waste flows on conveyor belts. Expertly made to be retrofitted without changing existing infrastructure.

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AI Vision

Able to identify 40+ waste categories, our AI vision models can be embedded into a range of hardware and machinery to provide AI recognition capabilities across your entire waste flow.

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Data Analytics

Display and export detection results in real-time with our live customisable dashboard that seamlessly integrates with existing plant control systems.

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Gain complete visibility of your material

Pricing web-1 Monitor your infeed

Greyparrot offers deep insight into what exactly your material is made up of, allowing you to provide correct feedback to waste producers. Build trust in your facility, and develop more dynamic pricing as a result.

Monitor web-1 Identify target materials

Greyparrot accurately identifies target materials, including plastics, alloys, fibres, hazardous waste such as batteries and metal parts. Specify the granularity of analysis, by weight and count, by brand packaging or food vs non-food grade classification.

Alert web-1-1 Detect contamination across product streams

Our waste recognition system detects contaminants and anomalies in real time to enhance product value, prevent customer complaints and avoid returns or lawsuits.

cv web-1-1 Analyse rejects stream

With actionable insights from your data, Greyparrot enables you to better capture valuable resources, and reduce the amount of product being sent for disposal.


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We are backed by leading European VCs and accelerators. We collaborate with world-class academic institutions and professional bodies in the circular economy.

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