Track, analyse, connect and report.

Here’s how Greyparrot’s technology works for the waste sector, packaging producers, and beyond.

How waste intelligence works

Learn how we use artificial intelligence to capture and analyse waste data in the blink of an eye.

Our technology

Greyparrot Analyser Units

Greyparrot’s retrofittable Analyser Units sit above conveyor belts in sorting facilities, using cameras to capture real-time images of waste flows.

Our artificial intelligence

Greyparrot’s AI is unique in its ability to identify characteristics like mass, brand, emissions potential and more across over 67 categories of material. At 95%+ accuracy, it’s as precise as a human sorter.

Greyparrot Analyser

Greyparrot Analyser is our AI waste analytics platform. It processes images from monitoring units in real-time, generating insight on intuitive dashboards.

Greyparrot Sync

Greyparrot Sync integrations send real-time waste data to third-party software and hardware, regardless of brand. Your investments become a suite of "smart" tools, guided by live, accurate insight.

7 layers of detail

Each one of your waste streams has value. Here’s how we measure it.

What our AI can recognise

We cover 67 material categories of municipal waste. If you don’t see a category you’re curious about, let us know! Our recognition library is growing all the time.

Need to see it to believe it?

Meet with one of our experts to see our dashboard running in real-time at an active sorting facility. We’ll explain the insights that we’re generating, and explore how they could significantly boost your resource recovery efforts.