Why AI has become an operational necessity

AI is now an essential tool for the world’s waste management leaders. Find out why through case studies, real-world data, and insight from some of the sector’s most influential voices.

AI in recycling cover

Discover data from real recovery facilities, including:


+/- 10%

fluctuations in material purity – on a single PET line, in a single day.


£1.6 million

worth of valuable material lost to residue lines at one British PRF – every year.



of another plant's residue stream was made up of valuable, easily recoverable material.

What you'll learn:

  • How to apply AI to individual waste streams, entire recovery facility operations, and group-level strategy.
  • What real-world recovery facilities have learned from automated waste analysis. 
  • How the cost and accuracy of AI-powered continuous monitoring compare to manual spot sampling. 
  • What the industry's leading innovators think about the future of waste management AI, ESG reporting and more.

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Edward copy

"[AI vision units] will be part of the standard hardware for recovery facilities. I cannot see an MRF that won't be using it in the future."

Professor Edward Kosior

CEO at Nextek

Stuart copy

"2023 is a year of realisation - many are now coming to terms with [the data] they're missing."

Stuart Hayward-Higham

Chief Technical Development & Innovation Officer at SUEZ UK

simone copy

"AI is going to change our position in the circular economy. With the detail AI gives us, the waste industry can start to... play a much bigger role in how materials are produced, used, captured and regulated."

Simone Aplin

Technical Director at Anthesis

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