The buyer's guide for waste management AI

Choose the right AI provider for your recovery facility in 4 steps. Featuring advice from experts at Grundon, SUEZ UK, Re-gen Waste, and more.

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Everything you need to simplify the decision-making process

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The right platform – in 4 steps

We've distilled AI assessment to the four pillars that matter the most.

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Advice from early adopters

Industry experts share what they learned when adopting AI.

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Secure buy-in with a one page summary to share with your team.


"You'll need an AI partner that understands your team's passion, and has the technical capability to deliver data you've never had access to."

Owen George,

Strategic Development Manager at Grundon Waste Management


"Specialisation is key, as are AI partners that embrace being part of an ecosystem."

Luc Mallinger,

CEO of SortFlow


"Accuracy is a massive help for us because we can stand by our quality stamps. If we couldn't, we wouldn't be able to sell our product."

Conor McCooey,

Chief Information Officer at Re-Gen

What you'll learn:

  • How to define your application for waste data, set goals to track AI's impact, and set a realistic budget.
  • Why it's important to consider your existing infrastructure and reporting processes when choosing an AI provider.
  • How to compare the technical capabilities of different AI tools – in simple terms.
  • The questions that will help you identify a provider aligned with your business, from values to customer support.

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