Amplify the impact of your sorting robotics with waste intelligence 

Use Sync integrations to enhance your sorting arms with the most flexible AI waste analytics tools available, or talk to our robotics partners to learn how “smart machinery” separates your material even more efficiently. 

Sync case study: Increase robotic sorting accuracy with AI

How our AI improves the performance of existing (and future) sorting machinery.


Target materials more accurately

Sync integrations send your robotics precise picking coordinates, helping them target the right object as accurately and quickly as a human picker.


Track sorting efficiency in real-time

Track your sorting arm's accuracy with the industry’s most detailed waste analytics, and optimise machinery to improve efficiency.

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Get more value out of your investments

Increase the return on your robotics investments by boosting pick rates and accuracy with Sync integrations.

How robotic integration works 

  1. Recognition for 67+ types of waste:
    Greyparrot Analyzer Units track and identify waste objects passing through our customers’ recovery facilities.

  2. Flexible access to AI waste analytics:
    We use Greyparrot Sync integrations to send third-party robotics a live stream of waste data from Greyparrot Analyzer. 

  3. More accurate robotic sorting:
    With real-time picking coordinates for target objects, our partners' robotics are able to pinpoint and remove items from the waste stream.

Seamless integrations with the sector's robotic innovators

Our robotic integration partners already provide the industry’s most accurate sorting arms. We use Sync to connect their machinery with our real-time AI waste analytics, increasing sorting efficiency even further:

Increasing automated pick rates with Geku and ABB

To boost pick rates for ABB’s Flex Picker robots without sacrificing accuracy, Geku connected them to our AI via Greyparrot Sync.

  • 60-80 picks per minute: Greyparrot data helped increase Flex Picker’s sorting rate to 80ppm.
  • 1.2m/s: Our seamless integration and real-time data meant picks remained 90% accurate at belt speeds up to 1.2m/s.



Helping ACI increase recovery facility revenue 

ACI relies on Sync integrations to provide their picking robots with a live stream of Greyparrot Analyzer data. The connection translates to increased product purity for their customers in recovery plants:

  • 95% product purity:
    Analyzer data enables sorting arms to remove contaminants more accurately, consistently helping ACI's customers deliver 95%+ pure products.

What our partners have to say

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"By combining Geku’s 25 years of robotics and integration expertise, Greyparrot’s industry leading waste AI and ABB’s 130 year history of innovation we’ve built a sorting solution greater than the sum of its parts."
Chris copy

Chris Burton

Sales Manager at Geku Automation

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"Our new bond with Greyparrot leads us towards innovative solutions to automate waste sorting and helps us tackle one of the world’s current global issues – the waste crisis."
harrison aci

Harrison Kim

Managing Director at ACI

Use our real-time waste data to guide your robotics 

Learn how we use Greyparrot Sync integrations to connect accurate waste data with machinery, regardless of brand.