NG Group and Greyparrot partner to innovate construction and industrial waste recycling

Alisa Pritchard

Alisa Pritchard

Dec 8, 2023

3 min read

  • NG Group's integration of Greyparrot's AI elevates construction waste sorting, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting safety.
  • The partnership will provide NG Group's clients with detailed waste composition data, optimising waste management and compliance.
  • Valuable data on industrial waste helps us expand our library, supporting the growth of AI applications in diverse waste streams.


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with NG Group, a leading player in Norway’s waste management sector.

In Norway, the construction industry generates about 1.87 million tons of waste annually. This is one of the four areas that NG Group specialises in, delivering sustainable waste management and recycling solutions to a large portfolio of clients.

By integrating our AI waste analytics into their facility, NG Group hopes to enhance their sorting accuracy for diverse and complex construction and industrial waste (C&I).

Currently, the company relies on a blend of manual and digital processes, but expects to level up their capabilities considerably through waste intelligence. The aim is not only to achieve greater operational efficiency, but also to enhance safety measures, minimising the risk of injury for manual operators.


The collaboration is also a strategic move towards NG Group’s broader goals of transitioning from a major logistics company to a leader in data-driven waste management.

With Greyparrot's AI, NG Group expects to offer customers superior insights and services, providing detailed information on waste composition to help clients optimise their waste management processes and meet strict regulatory requirements.

For Greyparrot, this collaboration marks a crucial step in expanding our influence and enabling the recovery of high-quality materials in construction waste. By collecting extensive data on varied construction debris, we can expand our waste recognition library and enhance our AI capabilities.

Our vision is to adapt our AI technology for a variety of waste streams, helping recycling facilities around the world to efficiently convert waste into valuable resources. Working with NG Group is a vital step towards fulfilling this goal, pushing the boundaries of sustainable waste management.


With the "plug-and-play" nature of Greyparrot's AI Analyzer, NG Group is poised to reap the benefits of AI technology immediately, without the need for extensive infrastructure changes. This aligns perfectly with their ethos of agility and innovation:

"We aspire to be at the forefront of our industry's development in Norway. We believe that taking chances with new solutions, and collaborating with technology companies such as Greyparrot, is part of our responsibility as a waste management company, in order to support the development of the industry. Our project with Greyparrot is a part of this vision, and we're excited to explore how their AI system can be adapted to our specific waste streams."

- Peter Sjølie Callister, Technical Project Manager, NG Group

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For us, this partnership presents a key opportunity to grow our reach and significantly broaden our impact. By training our Analyzer to recognise diverse material from C&I waste, we’re redefining the capabilities of AI in waste management and accelerating the shift towards a circular economy.

"Our partnership with NG signifies an innovative application of AI to track and monitor diverse waste flows. The analysis of C&I waste provides data streams that can actively assist manufacturing and construction companies to reduce the impact caused by their operations."

- Matthew Steventon, Business Development Manager, Greyparrot


As we look ahead, we're excited about the potential impact we can achieve together. This venture is more than a collaboration; it's a commitment to continuous innovation and a significant step towards realising the future of advanced waste sorting technology.


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