Shaping the recovery facility of the future with Greyparrot integrations

Alisa Pritchard

Alisa Pritchard

Feb 6, 2024

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Machinery in a modern material recovery facility with the words 'Dynamic Control' overlaid

Collaborative technology is giving rise to recovery systems that are greater than the sum of their parts, overcoming longstanding barriers to efficient material recovery.

Greyparrot Sync is playing a crucial role by seamlessly incorporating our AI into third-party machinery. This integration unlocks the potential to develop groundbreaking tools that are paving the way for enhanced efficiency and innovation across the waste and resources sector.

Here are 4 examples of pioneers using AI waste data to power new systems:

1. Certifying recycled polymer quality with live AI data 


At their plant in Cuautla, Mexico, Greenback Recycling Technologies turns hard-to-recycle plastics into high quality recycled polymer oil.

With a Greyparrot Analyzer unit already tracking infeed material, they used Greyparrot Sync to embed the same data in their eco2Veritas quality certification platform.

By reporting on infeed material in granular detail, they are able to provide their customers with a detailed breakdown of their recycled polymer oil composition – automatically.

Read more about our work with Greenback.

2. AI data powering industry's first 'digital twin' for recovery facilities

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 21.13.02

SortFlow is using Greyparrot to create a digital version of a recovery facility that mirrors equipment and process performance. The AI Mapper offers a digital overview of every sorting process in a facility. SortFlow developed the software to optimise waste processing plants, and to design and plan future facilities. Greyparrot Analyzers track live performance at every stage and a Sync integration sends data to the AI Mapper in real time.

Waste professionals are empowered to identify cause-and-effect changes to performance in real-time, reducing inefficiencies and downtime. The AI Mapper’s was recognised at this year’s UK National Recycling Awards, where our collaboration with SortFlow won the ‘Innovation in Recycling Equipment and Vehicles’ category.

"Look for AI that is flexible, open, and easy to integrate with. A ready-made API is very useful. Specialisation is key, and some companies embrace being part of an ecosystem. Collaboration benefits the entire industry and helps it grow."

Luc Mallinger, CEO of SortFlow

3. Simplifying recyclable collections with a 'mini-MRF'

Beyond the recovery facility, ACI Chemical’s iTainer robot embeds Greyparrot data in a fully-automated collection and compacting system.


The iTainer functions as an automated deposit returns machine, accepting mixed recyclables from consumers. The machine then uses an Analyzer unit to identify and help sort the material, creating a purer material flow for reprocessors in the next stage of the value chain.

By using AI to help sort material accurately at the point of collection, the iTainer reduces the transport emissions associated with collections and delivers a purer waste stream to recovery facilities.


Uniting technologies for a circular economy

Having a hardware and software-agnostic platform, we’re able to partner with pioneering companies like Greenback, SortFlow, and ACI Chemical, creating industry-first tools that increase recycling rates and decrease the environmental impact of waste.

Collaborations built on Greyparrot Sync are already forming the foundations of the ‘recovery facility of the future’. Scalable waste analysis is already helping today’s recovery professionals keep track of rapidly-growing, complex waste streams, and now we’re embedding it in systems that enable them to act on that analysis — automatically.

The fully-automated sorting facility needed to process 2050’s extra billion tonnes of waste a year is no longer an idea: it’s being built tool-by-tool, unified by a bedrock of accurate real-time waste data.


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