Greyparrot signs strategic partnership with Bollegraaf to transform global waste management with AI

Mikela Druckman

Mikela Druckman

Feb 7, 2024

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I’m incredibly excited and proud to announce that Greyparrot is joining forces with Bollegraaf to make thousands of recycling and sorting facilities more efficient – a collaboration that is set to transform the economics, capacity, and environmental footprint of the global waste management industry.  

Bollegraaf’s global scale – as the world’s largest builder of recycling facilities, serving over 3,000 plants worldwide – perfectly complements our expertise in AI waste analytics. Together, we will accelerate the digitisation of the waste sector with advanced AI technology, and collaborate on the development of new “smart” plants and innovative products. 

Greyparrot-team-Jan-2024 copyThe cornerstone of our partnership is a commercial distribution agreement, with Bollegraaf becoming our first worldwide distributor for the Greyparrot Analyzer. Additionally, Bollegraaf has made an investment totalling $12.8M – comprising a cash investment (representing a non-controlling stake in the company) and a transfer of its AI vision business to Greyparrot. In another significant milestone, we will also open an office in the Netherlands – our first office in mainland Europe. We’re very excited to welcome the incredibly talented Netherlands AI team to the Greyparrot family. 


Mikela_Edmund_CEOs-11-f copyFrom our very first meeting, it was clear that Edmund (Bollegraaf’s CEO) and I shared a similar vision for the future of the waste sector – one in which AI-driven automation accelerates the recovery of more high-quality material, driving economic value for the industry and sending less waste to landfills and incinerators, reducing the impact of waste on our planet. Since founding Greyparrot, we’ve believed in building technology that could seamlessly integrate into existing and new plant operations to bring the best solutions to our customers – equipping them to prosper within an evolving landscape of business, regulatory and consumer pressures.

We’re already seeing the adoption of digitisation, with more than a hundred Greyparrot Analyzers deployed in the UK, Europe, and the US. In 2023 alone, Greyparrot’s Analyzer helped customers monitor more than 25 billion waste objects, providing 100% visibility into waste composition and unlocking a new, deeper level of insight about waste that we call waste intelligence. To capitalise on the full benefits of waste intelligence, we will continue to be agnostic in our approach to integrating Greyparrot products and APIs with the best partners across the waste ecosystem.  

By 2050, the world will generate over three billion tonnes of waste annually. Experts estimate we need a sixfold increase in recycling capacity by 2040 to keep pace. Increasing our capacity to recycle and recover more resources from waste is critical for solving the waste crisis. We’re more committed than ever to our mission to use AI to significantly improve recycling efficiency and decrease the environmental impact of waste.

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