Automated waste composition analysis that puts you in control of your material

The resources and waste sector is rapidly evolving, and you should be too. Through automated waste composition analysis, Greyparrot gives you the competitive edge you need to stay on top. 

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Move from reactive manual sampling to proactive analysis of your waste streams


Why Greyparrot?

trophy Be more competitive

Having deep insight into your material allows you to develop more accurate pricing, build trust with customers and gain more business.

steering-wheel Drive innovation in your industry

Become champions of the circular economy by using cutting edge AI technology to create opportunities for better, more efficient resource capture.

previous Avoid product returns

With the ability to alert you of contaminants in real-time, Greyparrot ensures you take action before your product goes to your customer, reducing the risk of returns.

report Enhance your reporting

Access data insights you’ve never had before to optimise all areas of your facility - from improving efficiency to sourcing better contracts.

recycling Meet government recycling targets

Greyparrot prepares you to be a key contributor in achieving new ambitious recycling targets, regulation and schemes such as EPR.

heart Employee wellbeing and safety

New actionable data unlocks the opportunity to upskill and enhance the role of operators, as well as reduce the risk of hazardous objects that can cause fires or injury to employees.

Transform your facility with data insights

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See exactly what your material is made up of, including hazardous and dangerous items. Learn where contaminants are present, and what they are composed of.




Get informative insights in real time to spot trends. Customise the analysis to get to the answers you need.




Eliminate guesswork, enhance your plant performance and build better relationships with both customers and suppliers.


Challenges we’re solving

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Working with a UK-based total waste management company, Greyparrot provides a live dashboard displaying data on the amount of valuable materials left in reject lines. By automating manual sampling, the facility is now alerted of valuable materials in real-time, reducing the amount of saleable product going to disposal and informing plant investment and commissioning.


ACI, who service 60% of all MRFs in South Korea, use Greyparrot to identify contaminants before bales of material reach buyers, through an impurities detector in a live dashboard. This gives quality guarantee to their customers, and allows them to scale manual audits. The organisation is currently working to integrate Greyparrot into sorting robots to automate the picking of impurities.

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We provided a live dashboard displaying data on a PET line that would alert a multi-utility company in Italy of anomalies in their material to meet product specifications. Before working with Greyparrot, the business had no real-time data on contaminants. Now, the facility is notified of problems immediately, so action can be taken before their product reaches its buyers.


In order to meet EPR requirements, a UK-based global waste management company uses Greyparrot to identify branded products in their facility. Using a live dashboard displaying data on brands, the business can now track a brand’s product through its entire lifecycle, and provide accurate feedback on packaging’s recyclability.

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How access to data is revolutionising waste management

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